The Inner Circle [Home Studio Version] @ LEAD Inc. Homebase / Rattermoebel Studios:


The Dice [Live] @ Die Grosse Welt, Hannover:



Behind the Scenes of The Inner Circle:

Tacoma Narrows (early 2016):

You can download our demo "Tacoma Narrows" for free at bandcamp or soundcloud or directly here on the right hand side in both 320kbps mp3 or 44.1khz aiff quality.

Press Kit:

We offer a full press kit for event managers and everyone who's interested in our stuff to look into. It contains band photos, our logo, a complete technical rider and a short biography in german and english.


You can download awesome LEAD Inc.-Wallpapers in full resolution for all your devices.  

Tacoma Narrows:

We're offering our demo for free in high quality. 

320 kbps mp3

44.1khz AIFF


The Inner Circle:

You can mix this song yourself! 

Single track download


and here's the

Discussion zone.


Please don't send us your mixes directly since we can't keep up with all the submissions. Just upload them to the discussion zone and you'll get good feedback - plus, our drummer regularly takes a look on new mixes and tries to give feedback to most of them. :)